Civil - Construction Estimator

Construction estimators calculate costs and prepare estimates for civil engineering, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical construction projects.

NOC Code: 2234

Job Duties

Construction estimators calculate costs and prepare estimates for civil engineering, architectural, structural, electrical and mechanical construction projects. You may work for residential, commercial and industrial construction companies or for major electrical, mechanical and trade contractors. You may also be self-employed and provide your services on a contract basis.

Generally, construction estimators:

  • Manage and co-ordinate construction projects.
  • Estimate the cost of materials, labour, and equipment for construction projects, using contract bids, quotations, drawings and specifications.
  • Decide how the tendering procedure will work, recommend tenders and conduct negotiations.
  • Keep track of the project's costs and budget.
  • Work with engineers, architects, owners, contractors and subcontractors.
  • May specialize in estimating costs for structural, electrical or mechanical construction projects.

Source: Government of Canada

Job Requirements


This job requires: College or University


This job requires 0 - 2 years of work experience.

Source: Ontario Job Futures

Essential Skills

As a construction estimator, you need to:

  • Speak, write and read English.
  • Have strong planning and organizational skills.
  • Have a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of construction and construction methods.
  • Read and interpret blueprints, drawings and specifications.
  • Use computer spreadsheets and databases as well as estimating, take-off, and scheduling software.

Source: Ontario Skills Passport

Language Skills

You need to communicate in person, on the phone and in writing with clients, suppliers and team members.  Your team can include architects, engineers, technicians, contractors and construction workers.

Labour Market Information


Now, computer knowledge is commonly required for this profession. You need to know how to use estimating, take-off and scheduling software as well as traditional spreadsheet and database software.

The demand for Construction Estimators is dependent upon the level of construction activity which is expected to remain healthy over the next few years.


The work prospects for this job are: GOOD

Source: Government of Canada


The average hourly wage for this job is: C$24.86/hour.

Source: ESDC


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