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  • Wednesday, July 29 2015
    • Tips for Planning a WeddingIf you are getting married, you need to make sure that your paperwork is in order and that the person you’ve asked to perform your marriage ceremony is authorized to perform marriages. ServiceOntario can help with some of the aspects of getting married.
  • Friday, July 24 2015
    • Legal Aid Available to Refugee Claimants Filing AppealsRefugee claimants who are filing an appeal through the Refugee Appeal Division (RAD) may be eligible for up to 16 hours of Legal Aid services. Due to a recent court ruling, all failed refugee claimants can now access the RAD.
  • Thursday, July 23 2015
    • Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe This SummerWhen driving with your pet, remember they need to go with you when you leave your car or truck. When your pet is left unattended in a hot vehicle, it's not just uncomfortable for them - it's life threatening.
  • Wednesday, July 22 2015
    • Tips for Keeping Campfires SafeSitting around a campfire with family and friends can be a great way to enjoy Ontario's beautiful outdoors. The Government of Ontario has provided some tips on how to keep your campfire safe.
  • Tuesday, July 21 2015
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  • Tuesday, July 7 2015
    • How to Hire a Reliable Roofing CompanyThere are some important factors to consider if you are hiring a roofing company this summer. Consumer Protection Ontario has provided some tips to help you hire a reputable company.
  • Thursday, July 2 2015