Welcome to Ontario! This large, diverse province has a lot to offer, and the Orientation to Ontario workshops, webinars and resources will help you discover it all.


Why should you take a workshop?

  • Receive important information about Ontario and your particular region
  • Learn how to access local programs, services and have a chance to ask your questions
  • Meet other newcomers
  • Obtain and learn to use tools to guide your settlement process

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Ontario has some of the best benefits in the world: health care, education, jobs and more. Learn how to access these services with the multilingual workbook and handbook.

Download the Orientation to Ontario

Phone numbers and websites, questions to consider, health care, education, child care, employment opportunities, housing.

Download the Orientation to Ontario

Phone numbers and websites, things to know, people and the environment, family relationships.

Settlement Organizer

Just as there are many different places to settle in Ontario, there are many different approaches to settlement. No one plan works for everyone. These interactive tools will help you gather necessary information, recognize gaps in your knowledge, remember important tasks and ultimately create a settlement plan that works for you.

Settlement Plan Video Tutorial

Download the video! (3 MB)