A Sample Job Interview Dialogue

Read the following job interview and identify illegal questions.

Mr. Black, the interviewer, is the Human Resources Manager of Browns, a successful department store. Salima, the applicant, is being interviewed for the Accounts Payable/Receivable position.

Mr. Black: Good morning. You must be Salima Habibi.

Salima: Good morning.

Mr. Black: Have a seat. I�m Mr. Black, the Human Resources Manager. Did you have any trouble getting here?

Salima: No, not at all Mr. Black.

Mr. Black: Tell me a bit about yourself.

Salima: Well, I studied accounting in university and graduated three years ago. I worked in the accounting department of a small firm in my country for three years before I came to Canada.

Mr. Black: How old are you?

Salima: I am twenty-eight.

Mr. Black: Why do you want to work here?

Salima: I have always enjoyed shopping at Brown�s and I have found the employees courteous. I enjoy working in a friendly environment.

Mr. Black: Are you married?

Salima: Yes, I am. I have been married for four years.

Mr. Black: Why do you think you would be suited for this position?

Salima: I like working with numbers and I am very accurate. I understand that this job involves new responsibilities, but I like challenges in my job and I am a fast learner.

Mr. Black: Do you have kids?

Salima: May I know the relevancy of this question to the position?

Mr. Black: Well, this job involves working long hours and I was concerned about the babysitting arrangements you would have to make.

Salima: Oh, I assure you that I can make the necessary arrangements.

Mr. Black: What was your employer�s opinion of you?

Salima: I got along very well with my past employer. She was so happy with my work that she promoted me last year. In her letter of recommendation, she has said that I could go back any time.

Mr. Black: How�s your health?

Salima: Fine.

Mr. Black: How do friends describe you?

Salima: My friends see me as friendly, honest, and reliable. They have always said that I am very flexible.

Mr. Black: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Salima: I�d like to grow in my field and contribute to the growth of the company that I work for.

Mr. Black: Do you have any questions?

Salima: Does the company provide any training opportunities?

Mr. Black: Yes, we do. We pay for any training course that is directly related to employee�s job.

Salima: That�s great!

Mr. Black: Thank you for coming in, Salima. I�ll be interviewing more applicants throughout this week and we�ll be making a decision by next week.

Salima: Could I call you if I don�t hear from you by next week?

Mr. Black: Certainly. Good bye and have a good day.

Salima: Thank you for your time, Mr. Black. It was nice meeting you. Good bye.