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Kingston. City Hall. Kingston - 362 Montreal St, 2nd Flr. Ontario Works - Housing & Social Services Department

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Temporary financial assistance and employment supports to those most in need residing in the City of Kingston and County of Frontenac while they undertake requirements to become and stay employed

Financial Assistance
Monthly financial assistance is available to eligible (needs tested) residents for basic needs and shelter. The amount of assistance paid is determined by family size, income and expenses.

Employment Assistance
Employment supports are available to help people become and stay employed. Funding and assistance may be available for community and employment placement, job searching, basic education or job-specific skills training, literacy training, supports to self-employment, Employment Readiness Scale, transportation, referrals to workshops and courses, Learning, Earning and Parenting (LEAP - a program offered to young parents) and addictions treatment.

Mandatory Benefits
Benefits prescribed in the Ontario Works provincial regulations include a prescription drug coverage, vision care for dependent children, special diet, pregnancy nutritional allowance, diabetic supplies, incontinence supplies, medical travel and transportation, and guide dog allowance.

Discretionary Benefits:
Discretionary Health Benefits may include: adult vision and dental care, health and well-being benefits, new born / child benefits, and other items such as ID replacements.
Discretionary Residency Benefits may include: funding towards rent arrears, utility arrears, last month's rent deposit, moving expenses and emergency heating fuel.

Emergency Assistance
Emergency assistance may be paid to a person experiencing an extreme, urgent, and unusual situation that jeopardizes the health and well-being of a member of the benefit unit, where all other financial means have been explored and exhausted.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) 1-800-808-2268 -- automated information and payment details, payment history, file status * information and announcements about Ontario Works * service not available to TTY users

Welfare Fraud Hotline 1-800-394-7867 -- to report allegations of fraudulent collection of Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program assistance


To apply for Ontario Works, call or visit www.ontario.ca/socialassistance.

To find the Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program office that serves an address, click here.


English; French; Interpretive Services - request interpretation services 48 hours in advance.

Physical Access

Fully Accessible



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362 Montreal St 2nd Flr, Kingston, ON K7K 3H5