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Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization

Community services center for immigrants and refugees * assists newcomers, refugees and ethno-cultural groups to become equal participants in Canadian social, economic and political life through programming and creating community and safe spaces

Community Economic Development: Contact - Karyn Steer, Program Manager, 613-725-5671 ext 297, [email protected]
* Delivers career mentoring and networking programs to support newcomers to obtain employment in their field, develop an understanding of the workplace culture, build networks and develop strategies for employment maintenance and advancement within the workplace * Programming includes Core Career Mentorship, Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN), Refugee and Immigrant Supports to Employment (RAISE), Pre-Arrival Supports, Ottawa Mentoring Collaborative, and Job Search Workshops.

Multicultural Liaison Officer Program: Contact - Maria Teresa Garcia, Program Manager, 613-725-5671 ext 262, [email protected]
* Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO) partnering with the English Public and English Catholic school boards of Ottawa to provide settlement services to newcomer families in schools and summer programs, leadership development, and civic engagement opportunities. * helps create a welcoming school environment for newcomer students * helps youth gain the necessary skills to achieve their goals and develop a positive mindset to overcome the challenges they may be facing so that they can contribute to Canadian society * Programs are offered both at the elementary and high schools levels for immigrant and refugee youth, ages 13-24.

Settlement and Integration Program: Contact - Dragana Mrdjenovic, Program Manager, 613-725-5671 ext 325, [email protected]
* multilingual and multicultural services to facilitate successful adaptation and integration processes. * information and orientation sessions for individuals, families and groups * supportive counselling * settlement consultation * client advocacy * and community referrals.

Counselling Program: Contact - Patricia Davies, Program Manager, 613-725-5671 ext 322, [email protected]
* see separate record for more information.

YOCISO: Contact - Christy Etienne, Program Manager, 613-518-0680 ext 110, [email protected]
* Program offers academic, life skills, counselling, and arts-based support in a fun and interactive way.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC): Contact - Laurie Fraser, Program Manager, (613) 249-0006, [email protected]
* Full-time and part-time English language training for newcomers for settlement and community * open to all landed immigrants and convention refugees over the age of 17 * Classes are offered in the South (1800 Bank Street) region of Ottawa * Daytime and evening classes available. * Child care is also available.

Refugee Sponsorship: Contact - Lili-Anne Kondo, Settlement Intake, 613-725-5671 ext 316, [email protected]
* Private sponsorship of refugees by any group of five or more Canadian citizens or permanent residents 18 years of age and older who live in the expected community of settlement. * The group must collectively commit to provide the necessary support for their sponsored refugee for the full duration of the sponsorship. * The refugee must qualify as refugee according to Canada's refugee and humanitarian resettlement program.

Income Tax preparation assistance: Free Income Tax Clinics offered to immigrants and refugees during March and April.

Visiting programs include Legal Aid, Housing Help, and free Citizenship test classes for eight weeks, three hours per week; Requirements Canadian Language Benchmark 4


Call contact person for each program


English; French; German; Spanish; Polish; Arabic; Punjabi; Portuguese; Russian; Urdu; Somali; Bengali; Hindi; Interpretive Services; Chinese (Mandarin); Farsi; Chinese (Cantonese); Dari; French Creole; Nepali; Swahili; Vietnamese; Yoruba

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