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Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre - Ontario Breast Screening Program

Breast screening for early detection of breast cancer in women
  • Provides clinical breast exam performed by a specially trained nurse
  • Conducts mammograms (x-ray of the breast)
  • Teaches how to perform self-examinations

Note: Screening can include a physical breast examination by a specially trained nurse and two-view mammography where screening results are sent to both the patient and her doctor

Note: Individuals who receive normal results are automatically recalled for their next screening appointment. Individuals with abnormal results are referred back to their doctor for further investigation, or are referred directly for additional tests

Ontario Breast Screening Program Mobile Coach: Visits nearly 75 locations throughout Northwestern Ontario
  • If you live in the region, you can call toll free at 1-800-461-7031 to book an appointment in a community near you


  • Call the office or toll-free number to book an appointment
  • No referral required for women between 50 and 74 years of age
  • Medical referrals also accepted for women between 30 and 69 years


  • Women aged 50 to 74 who are at average risk for breast cancer with mammography every two years
  • Women aged 30 to 69 years of age who are identified as being at high risk for breast cancer with annual mammography and breast magnetic resonance imaging screening
  • Women who are at average risk and have never had breast cancer, and do not have breast implants
  • Women who have not had a mammogram within the past year


Interpretive Services available

Physical Access

Fully Accessible