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JVS Toronto. Head Office

Specialized Assessments -- psychovocational assessments for adults * psychoeducational assessments for children * assessments for gifted programs * Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) assessment for youth and adults who have difficulty with social interaction * diagnosis of learning problems in children, teens and adults * remediation for adults with learning problems * emotional intelligence testing * vocational evaluations for employment, training and educational potential * fee for service

Anxiety Clinic -- individualized assessments for children, youth and adults experiencing fear and nervousness in their daily life * focus on developing coping skills with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy * fee for service

Cogmed Working Memory Training Program -- 5 week intensive program for children, youth and adults who have been diagnosed with working memory deficits, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD) and some learning disabilities * fee for service
Career Counselling -- vocational counselling for students and adults * fee for service


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English; Italian; Spanish; Polish; Punjabi; American Sign Language (ASL); Russian; Urdu; Hindi; Hebrew; Farsi; Bulgarian; Chinese (Cantonese); Turkish; Yiddish


Free or sliding scale

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