7 ways to proofread your resume

Employers typically receive many resumes every time they post a job. If your resume has a mistake in it, you could lose your chance at getting the job.

Proofreading your resume helps to prevent mistakes and improve your chances of getting a job. You should also use this advice when writing cover letters.

Here are 7 ways you can proofread your resume:

1. Give yourself time
First, you will need to give yourself time to proofread properly. If you are writing a resume for a specific job posting, make sure to write and proofread it before the closing date. Employers can tell if you were in a rush to write or edit your application.

2. Read it out loud
It might feel strange to read your resume out loud, but it is a good strategy to make sure that you don't miss any mistakes in your resume. Reading your resume out loud will allow you to see which sections you could improve.

3. Read it backwards
To read your resume backwards, begin by reading the last sentence and read each sentence, going upwards on the page. This tip is helpful when you are trying to catch technical errors in your resume, such as spelling and grammar mistakes. Reading it this way forces you to look at how you are saying things rather than what you are saying.  

4. Read it several times
Proofread your resume several times to catch everything. Read through once for spelling mistakes, a second time factual errors and a third time for overall mistakes. Take a break between proofreading each time you do it. If you read it over and over all at once, you may get tired and not notice little mistakes.

5. Print your resume
Printing your resume can help you get a different perspective on what you have written. It helps you see your writing from a different angle so you will be able to see errors that maybe you couldn't have seen on a screen.

6. Don't depend on Spell Check
Spell check is a great tool, and you should absolutely use it when you are writing. It can help pick up a lot of issues before you even start proofreading. However, do not rely on it to catch every mistake.

7. Get help
Many employment agencies offer free resume editing services and workshops. You can find an agency in your community to help you perfect your resume. Getting help from professionals is the best way to improve your resume, but if you can’t visit an agency ask a friend with strong English skills to look over your resume.

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Prepared by Mary Walton

Last updated: November 30, 2017 4006306