What is the 3-month waiting period for OHIP?

You cannot get Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) coverage right away. You have to wait for 3 months after you arrive in Ontario.

You can apply for OHIP as soon as you have the documents you need. But you will not get a Health Card and your coverage will not start until you become eligible (after 3 months).

According to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, when you apply, staff will look at your documents to figure out when the 3-month waiting period starts.

You must also be physically present in Ontario for 153 days of the first 183 days after the day you apply for OHIP.

How can I pay for health services during my first 3 months in Ontario, or if I don't have OHIP?

There are a few exceptions to the 3-month waiting period. For example, convention refugees and babies born in Ontario do not have to wait 3 months to get OHIP coverage.

Many community agencies can help answer your questions about OHIP. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me and search for "community health centres" or "settlement services" in your area.

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Last updated: September 10, 2015 4001244