Changes to the Citizenship Act

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Citizenship Act has been changed so that it is harder for the Canadian government to remove a Canadian’s citizenship. Some of the changes in Bill C-6 will take effect immediately while other changes will take effect in the fall of this year and next year.

The following are important changes that take effect immediately:

  • Once you become a citizen, you are no longer required to plan to continue living in Canada
  • Dual citizens convicted of committing crimes “against the national interest” will no longer have their citizenship taken from them

Changes that are expected to take effect this fall will include:

  • The time permanent residents must be in Canada before they can apply for citizenship
  • The age range for language and knowledge requirements for citizenship
  • How citizenship requirements for time spent in Canada are calculated for temporary residents and protected persons

Read the government’s Backgrounder on Bill C-6 for a complete list of the changes to the Citizenship Act that have already taken effect and for those that are expected to take effect.

Settlement.Org has an article on how to apply for a Canadian Citizenship that you might find helpful.