Where can I do my shopping?

There are different types of stores in Ontario:

  • Large department stores carry a variety of items, such as clothing, furniture, electronics, and cosmetics.
  • Supermarkets sell mostly food and some cleaning supplies and other necessities.
  • Specialty stores sell particular products or types of products, such as hardware or shoes.
  • Small convenience stores (or corner stores) carry basic necessities, such as milk or bread.

Stores may be part of a chain or franchise. While others are independently owned.

Check each store for its hours of service and policies around returning or exchanging items.

If you need help finding something in particular, ask at a community agency. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

For More Information

  • Competition Bureau Consumer Information Page - This government website has information to help consumers to make informed decisions and protect themselves from scams. There is also an online complaint form.
  • Consumer Reports - A database of consumer reports for a variety of products. Search by keyword.
  • Farmer's Markets in Ontario - The directory lists farmers' markets across Ontario.
  • Monthly Budget Tracker [PDF] - This booklet makes it easy to track (record) your fixed and variable spending. Knowing how you spend your money is the first step in creating a realistic budget.
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