Ontario Announces GO Transit Extensions Across the Province

Thursday, August 15, 2019

The province announced today it will be adding 84 more train trips, and extending 65 existing trips across the GO Transit’s network during rush-hour, midday and evening services. 

According to the government, these additional train trips  will transform GO into a comprehensive two-way, all-day rapid transit system with service every fifteen minutes on core segments of the network.

The changes will take effect August 31, 2019 and will include:

  • express option for Kitchener that will save customers 20 minutes in their daily commutes

  • doubling rush-hour service for West Harbour GO 

  • weekend Niagara service running year-long

  • 50 weekly train trips on the Kitchener line, bringing late-night weekday service between Kitchener GO and Toronto’s Union Station and hourly weekday evening service between the City of Brampton and Union Station

  • existing 6:00 p.m. trip on the Kitchener line from Union Station will now run express to Bramalea GO before continuing to Kitchener GO 

  • new 5:45 p.m. trip from Union Station for customers travelling to Bloor, Weston, Etobicoke North and Malton GO stations 

  • twice as many options during weekday rush-hour periods for West Harbour GO customers, with three existing trips extended to serve the station and a new 4:45 p.m. trip from Union Station running express to Clarkson GO before serving all stops to West Harbour GO

For more information on the extensions visit the GOTransit.com website.