Ontario Investing in New Long-Term Care Beds for Seniors

Friday, July 26, 2019

Ontario is improving access to long-term care in Mississauga by allocating 457 new and 275 upgraded long-term care beds.

The improvement is divided into:

  • 220 long-term care beds for Trillium Health Partners
  • 320 new long-term care beds to a seniors' care partnership project between Indus Community Services, Trillium Health Partners and the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care
  • 137 new beds to Schlegel Villages - Mississauga project and upgrading 55 long-term care beds

These new beds will help take pressure off hospitals, allow doctors and nurses to work more efficiently and provide better, faster health care for Ontario families and patients.

The Ontario government says it will continue to work with Ontario's long-term care sector to ensure the system is responsive to the needs of Ontarians by increasing access and reducing wait lists, while also maintaining patient safety and ensuring high standards of care.

For more information on the improvements to Ontario’s healthcare for seniors see Ontario Continuing to Strengthen the Public Health Care System with More Support for Ontario Seniors.