Ontario Making Adoption Easier for Families

Friday, November 20, 2020

Ontario is providing new annual funding to the Adoption Council of Ontario (ACO). This money will be used to develop a centralized adoption intake service and significantly expand centralized adoption matching. Currently, prospective adoptive parents go to individual children’s aid societies, with varying response times and experiences. Centralized matching will make it easier for families and children and youth to find and be matched with each other. This will lead to an increase in the number of adoptions of children in care.

Additional funding will enhance post-adoption training and provide individualized supports to families by expanding programs offered by the ACO and Adopt4Life, including:

  • Pathways to Permanence 2, a specialized series of classes designed for adoptive caregivers who are parenting children who have experienced trauma and loss as part of their history.
  • Parent2Parent program provides individual support to parents and caregivers by facilitating support groups and ongoing buddy-mentor programs, as well as pairing them with a local parent to get help navigating supports and services in their community.