Ontario’s New Education Equity Action Plan

Friday, September 15, 2017

Ontario has released a new Education Equity Action Plan. The plan aims to make the education system more equitable and inclusive for all student populations including racialized students, newcomers to Canada, religious minorities, LGBTQ students and students with disabilities.

The new strategy includes:

  • Identifying and addressing why some groups of students have higher suspension, expulsion and exclusion rates than others.
  • Ensuring that Grade 9 students are better able to explore pathways to work, college, apprenticeship and university.
  • Providing more diverse and culturally relevant teaching resources, curriculums and assessments.
  • Improving diversity in the hiring and promotion of teachers and education professionals.
  • Collecting and analyzing demographic data to address the systemic barriers some students face.

You can read a summary on the action plan in several languages on the Ministry of Education website. You can also learn more about Ontario’s human rights protections on Settlement.Org.