What services can I get at the library?

You can read and borrow resources, use the internet, and get services to help you settle in Ontario. Most of these services are free.

Programs and Services

Here are some of the types of programs and services you might find at your local library:

  • English as a Second-Language (ESL) and literacy resources.
  • Settlement workers who can help you adjust to your new life in Canada.
  • Homework clubs for students and activities for younger children.
  • Workshops about employment, health, personal finance and more.
  • Free public internet access.
  • Services for people with special needs.

When you first visit the library, ask a librarian about the programs and services that are available.

Books and Other Resources

Most libraries have books, tapes/CDs, newspapers and magazines. In some libraries these resources are available in different languages.

Many libraries will let you bring these resources home but you need a library card. Generally, to get a card, you need to bring an identification document or a piece of mail that shows your name and address.

At most libraries, you can borrow resources for 1 - 3 weeks. Usually, you can renew it (keep it longer). If you return an item late, you have to pay a small fine for every day the item is late.

Many libraries have an inter-library loan service. This means that if there is an item you would like to read but it is not at your local branch, you can ask the library to send the item to your local branch.

Libraries often have comfortable spaces where you can read or study. Many people go to the library to read their favourite newspaper or magazine.

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