Where can I take high school courses as an adult?

Most school boards in Ontario have programs for adults who want to earn a High School Diploma or Equivalency Certificate.

A high school diploma is important because it can help you get a job or admission to an educational or training program. If you wish to earn a high school diploma as an adult, you can take classes at your local school board, study in the evenings, study from home, or take an equivalency test (GED).

Some school boards offer high school classes for adults during the day, at night, or during the summer. Usually, you have to pay a fee for the course, and you might have to buy or pay a deposit for your textbooks. Some programs accept temporary residents, such as foreign students and workers, but the fees can be much higher.

If you need or want to study at home, you may be able to take "distance" courses. These are usually online courses. Some local school boards offer distance courses. The Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development has a list of institutions that have distance courses, which may have high school credit courses.

You have to take a test (GED) to get a High School Equivalency Certificate.

For More Information

  • Local School Boards - A list of local school boards across Ontario.
  • Ministry of Education- This ministry governs publicly funded elementary and secondary school education in Ontario.
  • Independent Learning Centre (ILC) - The ILC provides distance education for credit and for general interest. The ILC administers the GED high school equivalency test for high school in Ontario. The website contains course guides, application information and testing schedules.
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