What is ''distance education''?

Distance education is different than traditional classroom-based programs. If you study in a distance education program you will be taking a course, continuing education or degree program online.

Many Ontario universities and colleges offer some type of distance education. It's a good option for people who are working full-time, trying to upgrade their skills, live in a remote community or who want to make a career change.

This type of learning can be good for newcomers in certain fields of study because you work while you take courses. You may even be able to begin your program or class before you come to Canada. Most online programs are found in the continuing education department of universities and colleges.

The Minister of Colleges and Universities (MCU) has an online education portal that gives students access to many online college and university courses.

Is distance education right for me?

Distance education is often self-directed, which means that most of your work will be done alone at your computer, and you will not have in-person interactions with fellow students and professors. You must have very strong time management and organizational skills to keep up with your studies. You also will need to be comfortable working with technology since many distance education programs have moved online.

You can contact a college or university that offers distance education programs that interest you.

For More Information

  • eCampus Ontario - This online portal is provided by Ontario Online Learning Consortium (OOLC), a not-for-profit corporation whose membership is composed of all publicly-funded colleges and universities in Ontario. 
  • Independent Learning Centre (ILC) - The ILC provides distance education for credit and for general interest. The ILC administers the GED high school equivalency test for high school in Ontario. The website contains course guides, application information and testing schedules.
  • Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) - This department governs postsecondary education in Ontario.
  • OntarioLearn - A group of community colleges in Ontario that provide online learning options.
Last updated: January 19, 2021 4001134