How can I find an alternative medicine practitioner?

  • Ask friends and family if they visit an alternative health practitioner that they would recommend.
  • Find a Naturopathic Doctor in Your Area - You can search for a naturopathic doctor by location. It is run by the Canadian Naturopathic Association. You can also call 1-877-628-7284.
  • Look online. Search for the type of practitioner that you want (for example, "acupuncture" or "ayurveda").

There are many different types of alternative medicine. There may be many more ways to find someone in your area.

If the alternative health profession is regulated, you can try contacting the regulatory body for more information.

What professions are regulated?

Some of the regulated professions include:


You may want to ask the practitioner about the cost of their services.  Different practitioners may have different prices.  OHIP may cover part of the cost, or it may not cover any of the cost at all.  Private Insurance often covers some or all costs of alternative medicine treatments, although each plan is different. 

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