What safety programs are in my community?

Neighbourhoods in Ontario have community-based security programs to prevent crime and increase safety.

Tenants and homeowners can do a lot to improve the security of their houses and apartments. But neighbourhood security is important as well.

In many communities in Ontario, neighbours get together to increase the safety and security of their neighbourhoods. Here are some different types of neighbourhood groups:

  • Neighbourhood Watch - Residents work with each other and police to watch out for home break-ins and other criminal activity in their neighbourhood. The Neighbourhood Watch sign is visibly posted in neighbourhoods where this program is active. A Vertical Watch program has been developed for highrise apartments and condominium buildings.
  • Caring Community - Related to the Neighbourhood Watch and developed by some ethnic communities who were uncomfortable with the idea of a "watch" and police involvement. The Caring Community sign is visibly posted in neighbourhoods where this program is active.
  • Police Outreach - Police do crime prevention through public education. Police officers visit schools to help children learn general safety rules. Police also do outreach work with seniors to help them protect themselves against criminals who may target older people.

For information about these programs in your area, contact the community policing program of your local police service. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

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