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Newcomer to Ontario

Settlement.Org is a very familiar name to newcomers. For newcomers it’s not only guide, it is like a parent that helps new immigrants become successful Canadians.

Newcomer to Ontario

This is the best site for prospective immigrants to Canada . One feels as if one is already in Canada while browsing. I want to recommend that not only prospective immigrants but also people who want to vacation in Canada visit the site.

ESL Teacher

This is an excellent source of information for my students. I link them with this site from the beginning of our class. They have received valuable information and many use the site from their homes. The employment information helped one of my students get a volunteer position in her field to gain Canadian experience. I have encouraged my students to subscribe to the online newsletter. This site is so valuable to newcomers.

Newcomer to Ontario

I am sharing my landing experience and at the same time I would like to give my thanks to everybody especially the [discussion forum] moderators for giving us valuable information in preparation for our landing here in Canada.

Newcomer to Ontario

I just wanted to share my experience during our landing here in Toronto last June 29, 2007. I wanted to give back what I was able to read months before immigrating here. This site has helped my family indeed. Thank you to those who shared their experiences way back, it was because of you folks that I was able to prepare in advance.

Newcomer to Ontario

I got all the answers I needed on www.settlement.org. This site is very useful, thank you.

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