Let's Talk about It! - Canadian Culture

YMCA Newcomer Information Centre

Monday, April 29, 2019 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM



The YMCA Newcomer Information Centre invites newcomers to a workshop: Let's Talk about It! Workshop I Canadian Culture.

What does it mean to be Canadian? Through an exploration of Canada’s values, customs, taboos, and the social behavior of its citizens, newcomers will acquire an informed understanding of Canadian society.

Canadian Culture is the first workshop in Let’s Talk About It! a series that introduces participants to many of the aspects that make up Canada’s unique culture and society. By taking part, newcomers can expect a boost in self-confidence and a greater sense of belonging in Canada.


  • Greetings
  • Canadian values
  • Etiquette and social customs
  • Respecting times, schedules and appointments
  • All the ways Canadians say, “Sorry!”
  • Topics considered to be taboo
  • Canadian holidays, their significances and how they’re celebrated

To register for this information session, call 416-609-0218 ext. 30042