Webinar: Understanding New Labour Realities


Thursday, October 14, 2021 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Achēv invites you to a webinar: Understanding New Labour Realities..

Please note that this webinar is intended for internationally trained individuals residing in Saskatchewan or Alberta.

Join us for a free webinar about what newcomer professionals need to know to succeed in the post-pandemic Canadian workforce.

As Canada and the rest of the world are starting to reopen after the global pandemic, the labour market also continues to adapt to the changing situation. This webinar will help newcomer professionals understand how they can be successful in a post-COVID workforce.

Topics discussed will include:

  • The current labour situation
  • Post-COVID realities
  • Emerging needs and opportunities
  • How TAYFFI can help newcomers in Saskatchewan with settlement and employment services
  • How Career Loans can help skilled newcomers in Alberta and Saskatchewan return to their desired careers

Guest Speaker will be Hanif Hemani, Managing Director, Express Employment Professionals.

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