Emergency Alert Issued in Error

Monday, January 13, 2020

You may have received an emergency alert about the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station on your phone on the morning of Sunday, January 12, 2020. This was issued in error by the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC).

The following statement was issued by the Honourable Sylvia Jones, Solicitor General:

"Earlier today, an emergency alert was issued by the Province of Ontario stating there was a situation at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station. The alert was issued in error to the public during a routine training exercise being conducted by the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC).

There was no incident at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station that should have triggered public notification. Nor was there ever any danger to the public or environment.

Emergency exercises are a critical component of ensuring preparedness for emergency management and response agencies. The PEOC conducts training exercises regularly and there was no intention to notify the public in this instance.

The Government of Ontario sincerely apologizes for raising public concern and has begun a full investigation to determine how this error happened and will take the appropriate steps to ensure this doesn't happen again."

You can read more about getting Help in an Emergency on the Settlement.Org website. If you want to learn more about what to do in the unlikely event of a nuclear emergency you can read more on the PrepareToBeSafe.ca website from the Ontario Power Generation and Durham Region.