Where can I get free Internet access?

You can get free Internet access at many locations including public libraries, transit stations, coffee shops and restaurants.

Although you can choose to buy Internet services from cable/telephone companies and Internet providers, it may be useful to know where you can get free Internet access.

Where to Get Free Internet Access

  • Public Libraries - There are hundreds of public libraries across Ontario that offer computers with Internet access, as well as a free Wi-Fi network.
  • Service Canada Centers - Most Service Canada Centers provide computers with Internet and free Wi-Fi.
  • Transit Stations - Some transit stations in Ontario provide free Wi-Fi to travelers.
  • Airports - Most airports in Ontario offer free Wi-Fi to travelers.
  • Coffee Shops & Fast Food Restaurants - Most coffee shops and fast food restaurants offer free Wi-Fi to their customers.
  • Shopping Centers - Most large shopping centers have free Wi-Fi networks.
  • Computer Stores - Many computer stores provide a free Wi-Fi network to customers.
  • Book Stores - Most book stores provide free Wi-Fi to customers.

If you have a smartphone, search your device’s application store (app store) for functions that list where to find free wireless networks in your area.

Internet Safety

When using a public Wi-Fi network or a shared device, it is important to use the Internet safely as you are not protected from others connected to the same network. It is very easy for someone to steal your username, password, personal information and for them to see what you are doing when you are on a public network.

It is also important that you remember to logout of any email, social media, or any other accounts that you logged into while on a public computer.

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