How do I get a marriage certificate?

You need to apply for a marriage certificate after you get married in Ontario. You can apply online, by mail, fax, or in person.

A marriage certificate is different from a marriage licence, which you get before you get married. It is also different from a Record of Solemnization of Marriage, which your officiant might give you after your marriage ceremony. The Record of Solemnization of Marriage is not a legal record of your marriage.

The officiant must forward your marriage licence to the Office of the Registrar General to be registered. This process takes up to 10 weeks (see current service times).

Once it has been registered, you can apply for a marriage certificate.

You should apply within 1 year of your marriage, or you will have to pay a higher fee (see current fees).

You can apply for your marriage certificate online, by mail, fax or in person. Some of these methods are faster than others. You can pay a higher fee, if you need the certificate quickly.


Fill out the online application form and pay the fee with a credit card.

By Mail or Fax

Download a Marriage Certificate Application Form or pick one up from a municipal office or city hall.

Fill out the form and mail it and the fee to:

Office of the Registrar General
PO Box 4600
189 Red River Road
Thunder Bay
P7B 6L8

Fax the form and your credit card number to 1-807-343-7459.

In Person

You can apply in person in Toronto and Ottawa only.

Download a Marriage Certificate Application Form or pick one up from a municipal office or city hall. Fill it out and bring it and the fee to the address on the application form.

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