How can I travel within Ontario?

Ontario is a large province, made up of larger cities and smaller towns. There are different ways to travel within Ontario, depending on your budget, time and needs.

Buses, trains and airlines go to many places in Ontario. All cities are connected by paved highways.

The Ontario government operates Travel Information Centres that provide tourist information, maps and directions. Visit one of their locations or call 1-800-ONTARIO (1-800-668-2746) for more information.

Air Travel

If you need to take a flight between cities, contact an airline directly or ask a travel agent for information. You can find the names of airlines and travel agencies in the telephone book.

Bus Travel

Bus travel is often the cheapest way to travel between Ontario cities. Sometimes, it is the only way to travel between smaller towns and cities, other than driving.

Bus lines offering service throughout Ontario include:

  • Greyhound - servicing all Ontario.
  • Ontario Northland - servicing Toronto, central Ontario and northern Ontario.
  • Coach Canada - servicing the southern part of the province from Windsor to Montreal.
  • Megabus - Servicing parts of Ontario, Quebec and the United States.
  • GO Buses - servicing the area from Niagara Falls to Peterborough.

To find local information on bus lines and the nearest bus station, look in the telephone book under "bus lines."

Train Travel

There is train service throughout Canada. Some train networks offer long-distance travel and other networks offer commuters a way to travel between cities for work.

Public Transportation

Most cities in Ontario have a public transit system of buses or streetcars. Most cities provide transit maps for free.

Find your local public transit system in the blue pages of your telephone book or look at this list of Public Transit Systems in Ontario.

To find out more read How do I use public transportation?

Car Rental

Renting a car can be quite convenient. Read the rental contract carefully before you sign it. Make sure you have insurance coverage. Some credit cards cover car rental insurance, check with your provider.

To find local information on rental car agencies, look in the telephone book under "rental cars."


If there is no public transit or you need to go somewhere quickly, you can hire a taxi (cab).

To find a taxi cab or limousine service, look in the telephone book under "taxis." You may be asked for the passenger's name, pickup and destination addresses and the number of the telephone that you are calling from. In larger cities, you can also hail a taxi in the street. Stand on the sidewalk and wave at a taxi that has no passengers in it when it comes towards you.

The price appears on a meter in the front beside the driver. The meter will display a minimum charge when you get in the car. Airport taxis sometimes charge an agreed-upon rate instead of using a meter. If the ride is non-metered, ask the driver how much the trip will cost before you get in the car.

For More Information

  • Ontario TravelNet - Transportation - Information and links to various forms of transportation in Ontario, including air, train, bus, car rental, taxis, ferries and boats. From Ontario Tourism.
  • Public Transit Systems in Ontario - A list of public transit systems in the province. From the Ministry of Transportation.
  • Ontario Community Transportation Association - An organization that works with public transit systems, health and social service agency transportation providers, government and other stakeholders to strengthen and improve public transit.
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