How do I use public transportation?

Most cities in Ontario have a local public transportation (transit) system. They may have a bus, streetcar and/or subway. The cost to use public transportation is different in each city.

Public transportation includes services for the general public and for people with special transportation needs.

Contact your local public transportation system for information on schedules, fares and other details.

You may also find other types of transportation services in your community, such as:

  • School transportation - Local school boards organize transportation to take your children to school.
  • Health transportation - Public or private ambulance operators, hospitals and long-term care agencies can help you get to medical centres.
  • Social transportation - Agencies serving people with developmental disabilities, day care centres, vocational rehabilitation services and other social service agencies can help you get around town.

If you want to travel between cities, read How can I travel within Ontario?

Many community agencies can help you get more information about local public transportation. To find help in your area, search for "public transportation" and your area on Services Near Me.

For More Information

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  • Ontario Community Transportation Association - An organization that works with public transit systems, health and social service agency transportation providers, government and other stakeholders to strengthen and improve public transit.
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Last updated: February 10, 2022 4000109