What is Occupation-specific Language Training (OSLT)?

OSLT is a language program delivered by Ontario colleges. OSLT is aimed at helping you develop better communication skills for the Canadian workplace.

OSLT can help you improve your occupation-specific language skills. It also teaches you about Canadian social and cultural expectations in different industries.

OSLT offers free 180-hour courses that help you to:

  • Communicate clearly and effectively with clients, colleagues and supervisors
  • Understand Canadian workplace culture in specific occupations or sectors
  • Connect with employers through job fairs, networking events and employer partnerships

OSLT courses are taught in a variety of formats, including face-to-face classroom instruction and a combination of online learning and classroom instruction.

Many colleges also offer other career-related services to OSLT participants. These include job-search and career-planning workshops, mentoring programs and networking opportunities. Colleges often arrange for industry-related guest speakers who bring information about current workplace demands and practices into the classroom.

OSLT courses are available in the following areas:

Where can I find an OSLT program?

OSLT is offered at 13 colleges in Ontario. Course locations can be found on the OSLT website.

Who is eligible for OSLT?

If you are a permanent resident or protected person, you may be eligible for OSLT if your English language level is between Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels 6 and 8 and if you have training or experience in a specific occupation.

OSLT is also available in French as la formation linguistique axée sur les professions (FLAP).

For more information on OSLT/FLAP courses, contact your local college.

OSLT is funded by the Government of Canada (IRCC).

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