What is Enhanced Language Training (ELT)?

ELT programs provide job-specific, advanced-level English training to adult newcomers.

The goal of ELT is to provide language training that helps you find and keep jobs that match your skills and qualifications. ELT programs are especially useful for Internationally Educated Professionals (IEP)and tradespeople.

Generally, ELT programs are equivalent to Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) levels 7-10. Many ELT programs also have bridge-to-work assistance, including mentorship, work placements and other employment help.

Where can I find an ELT program?

You can look for information on ELT programs from:

Many community agencies can help you find the right ELT program for you. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for "ELT" in your area.

For More Information

  • Occupation-Specific Language Training - Language training at some colleges. This training focuses on language and socio-cultural skills you need to prepare for work in a specific occupation.
  • Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) - This is the national standard for assessing English as a Second Language for adults in Canada.
  • Ontario Bridge Training These programs help Internationally Educated Professionals get their license or certificate in their profession or trade with language training, workplace experience and more.
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