Do I have to get my credentials evaluated before I apply?

If you studied outside Canada, you need to have your credentials evaluated. Each school has its own requirements.

Each university or college sets its own criteria for recognizing academic qualifications from outside Canada. Visit the school's website or contact their Office of Admissions to find out their requirements and the process you should follow to have your credentials evaluated.

Some schools may ask you to use a credential evaluation service. They may also ask you to get your credentials translated, if they are not in English or French. There is a fee to use these services. For information on these services, go to Where can I get my international credentials evaluated for education?

Although these services offer expert advice on how credentials obtained outside Canada compare with credentials from a Canadian province or territory, the evaluation is advisory only and does not guarantee recognition of your credentials for purposes of admission to a post-secondary institution in Canada. However, it will assist post-secondary institutions in understanding your academic background.

Some schools do their own evaluation of your previous education. In these cases, you may not need to use an evaluation service.

You can contact a community agency for more information. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

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Last updated: June 5, 2024 4001154