How do I get my documents translated?

Find out what you need before you choose a translator.

Translators specialize in at least 2 languages and translate documents from one language into another language. They do not change the content, tone or style of the message.

Professional Translators

Not everyone who can speak 2 languages can translate documents well. Professional translators:

  • Use accurate and consistent language.
  • Have have a thorough knowledge of the vocabulary in a particular field of expertise.
  • Maintain the content, context and style of the original material as much as possible.

Translators often specialize in a subject specialty - legal, business, medical and so on. When you choose a translator, find out what his or her specialty is.

Certified Translators

Some organizations will only accept documents translated by a certified translator. In Ontario, a certified translator must:

The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) is the only organization in Ontario that can give someone the title of "certified translator." ATIO certified translators agree to a Code of Ethics, which includes confidentiality of client information.

Notarized Translations

Some organizations only accept translations that are notarized by a notary public, lawyer, or commissioner of oaths.

Find out what you need before you get your documents translated. Make sure that the translator you choose can give you the kind of translation that you need.

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