Professional Immigrant Networks (PINs)

PINs associations help their members prepare for the Canadian workplace and connect to employment opportunities. They are run by and for skilled immigrants.

If you are looking for opportunities to build your network and get support with your job search, the PINs program can be a helpful resource.

By joining a PINs association, you can:

  • Network with professionals in your field,  including employers.
  • Learn and develop your skills by participating in events and activities such as workshops, networking events and volunteer positions.
  • Access information for your job search, such as labour market trends, job opportunities, programs and resources.

To learn about PINs associations, search the directory for an association in your field.

You can also look at the events calendar to find events organized by PINs associations and partners that can help you build your career. Some associations have events that are open to non-members.

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