What is the weather like in Ontario?

The weather depends on where you are because Ontario is a large province.

Ontario has 4 seasons: summer, fall (autumn), winter and spring. Usually January is the coldest month of the year, and July is the warmest.

The northern part of the province has longer and colder winters than southern Ontario.

  • Spring - March 20 to June 20
    Spring is a rainy season in most parts of Ontario. Make sure you have an umbrella or a raincoat to stay dry. Average daytime temperatures are about 8°C in March and rise slowly through the rest of the season. The nights are cool.
  • Summer - June 21 to September 21
    July and August can be very hot and humid. In southern Ontario, daytime temperatures are usually above 20°C and frequently above 30°C.  In the summer it's a good idea for you and your family to practice sun safety and wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • Fall (or Autumn) - September 22 to December 20
    The weather gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the leaves on many trees change colour and fall to the ground. The early part of fall is rainy in some parts of Ontario. However, in some northern parts of Ontario, it may start snowing in October. The temperature slowly drops during fall. Make sure you wear a jacket and take an umbrella with you so you can stay warm and dry.
  • Winter - December 21 to March 19
    In winter, it is cold and, depending which area you live in, it may snow often. The temperature in most of the province is often below 0°C, day and night. Temperatures can drop below -30°C, which can be dangerous if you do not have the right clothing. In the winter you should dress in layers and wear a hat to stay warm. If you have children you may find it helpful to read our information about Dressing for Winter.

Where can I get the weather forecast?

You can find out about the weather in your area by listening to the radio, watching television, reading the newspaper or checking online.

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