How can I reduce the amount of utilities I use?

Reducing the amount of utilities you use can help you lower your costs and your impact on the environment at the same time.

There are many ways to cut down on your utility use. Here are some examples:

Appliance Calculator

An appliance calculator can help you estimate how much power each of your appliances may be using.

Home Improvements

You can hire an EnerGuide Home Evaluation service from a licensed service organization. Through this service, an energy advisor evaluates your home from the attic to the basement, and gives you a personalized report with energy efficiency recommendations for improving your home.

PeakSaver Program

Some municipalities offer the peaksaver program. If you have a central air conditioning (AC) system, you can use less electricity with this program. It reduces the amount of energy your AC system uses on the hottest days of summer.

Smart Meters

If you have a smart meter, electricity that you use during peak (busy) times will cost more than electricity that you use during off-peak times. You can choose to use less electricity during peak times.

Find out more in What is a Smart Meter?

Reduce Heating Costs

Identify and fix areas where heated air is getting out, such as doors, windows, fireplaces, and ventilation fans. Close the heating vents or turn off heaters in rooms that you don't use regularly. Keep the filter in your furnace or other heating device clean. Get more tips for reducing heating costs in this Tips and Tools to Save Energy at Home webpage.

Reduce Water Consumption

Fix leaky taps and install water-saving shower heads and toilets. Water your garden by hand rather than using a sprinkler. Take shorter showers. Get more tips to reduce water costs. Tap water in Ontario is safe to drink. Find out more about tap water in your area.

For More Information

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  • Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) - LEAP provides up to $500 per fuel per household per year to help low-income customers who are having trouble paying their bill. Visit the website for more information about the program, eligibility criteria and how to apply.
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