Am I eligible for subsidized housing?

You need to meet certain conditions to be eligible for subsidized housing.

You are eligible for subsidized housing if:

  • Each member of your household is either a Canadian Citizen, permanent resident of Canada, or a refugee claimant;
  • At least one household member is 16 years or older;
  • You are a former social housing tenant, you must have paid any arrears in full, and have no convictions for misrepresenting your income or fraud for at least 2 years (or longer in some areas);
  • You own a permanent residence, you must sell the property within 6 months (or longer in some areas) of moving in; and
  • You are disabled, you must be able to live independently or arrange for your own support unless the supports are part of the services provided by the non-profit.

There are waiting lists for subsidized housing across Ontario. In some areas, the waiting list is more than 10 years. In other places the wait is shorter.

You can contact a community agency or housing help centre for more information about subsidized housing. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

For More Information

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