Sponsorship Breakdown

This booklet tells you what to do if the person who sponsored you for permanent resident status in Canada will not or cannot support you, and you cannot support yourself.

It can be frightening when this happens, but there is help available. If you are experiencing a sponsorship breakdown you may want to get help from a community legal clinic or community agency.

For More Information

This booklet was written for people in British Columbia. Although much of the information is relevant to residents of Ontario, the community and legal services are different. Applying for social assistance is also different in Ontario. Find information about getting help in Ontario:

  • What is Ontario Works (OW)? - In Ontario, social assistance or welfare is called Ontario Works (OW). OW benefits are for people who need money because they are unable to find work or are temporarily unable to work.
  • How do I apply for Ontario Works? - To apply for Social Assistance (Ontario Works), you need to go to an Ontario Works office and submit certain documents.
  • How can a Community Legal Clinic help me? - Community legal clinics are staffed by lawyers and community legal workers. Any discussions you have with staff are confidential.
  • How do I find a lawyer? - Finding the right lawyer is very important. This article explains a few ways to get started.
  • IRCC Help Centre - A tool that helps answer frequently asked questions on immigration matters. It offers several ways of searching through the information available, including search by keyword. From Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
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