What is the court system in Ontario?

The Court of Ontario has two divisions:

Superior Court of Justice

The Superior Court of Justice is a higher court and hears more serious cases, such as:

Ontario Court of Justice

The Ontario Court of Justice hears cases such as:

  • Criminal offences except the most serious offences
  • Pre-trial hearings (preliminary hearings) in criminal cases that will go to the Superior Court
  • Violations of provincial laws

Within these two divisions, there are specialized branches. For example, Family Court and Small Claims Court are both branches of the Superior Court of Justice.

If your court decision or ruling is questioned, that case can go to appeal. Many appeals are heard by the Court of Appeal for Ontario. This court is separate from other Ontario courts and usually provides the final ruling on a legal issue. An appeal on this ruling goes to the Supreme Court of Canada, the highest court in the country.

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