Graphic Arts Technician

Graphic arts technicians help develop concepts for projects and prepare production materials for press, electronic or multimedia publishing.

NOC Code: 5223

Job Duties

Graphic arts technicians help develop concepts for projects and prepare production materials for press, electronic or multimedia publishing. You may work for publishing, communications, advertising, marketing, printing or multimedia companies. You may also be self-employed and provide your services on a contract basis to companies and the public.

Generally, graphic arts technicians:

  • Develop and produce design concepts, such as layouts and mock-ups.
  • Use a computer to create elements, such as titles, text, drawings, illustrations, graphics, logos, lettering, and colour harmonization.
  • Digitize and transform images using retouching systems, graphic palettes or specialized software.
  • Produce proofs and camera-ready materials and prepare film and any other pre-press materials.
  • Paint or ink individual cells of 2-D or 3-D animated drawings using an electronic palette.
  • Work in an interdisciplinary environment.

Source: HRSDC

Job Requirements


This job requires: College or University

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobLevel of Education Required
Architectural Technologist and TechnicianCollege or University
CAD TechnicianCollege or University
Construction ManagerCollege or University
Construction EstimatorCollege or University
Graphic Arts TechnicianCollege or University


This job requires 0 - 2 years of work experience.

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobYears of Work Experience Required
Architectural Technologist and Technician2 - 5
CAD Technician0 - 2
Construction Manager5+
Construction Estimator0 - 2
Graphic Arts Technician0 - 2

Source: Government of Canada

Essential Skills

As a graphic arts technician, you need to:

  • Speak, write and read English.
  • Be precise and have excellent attention to detail.
  • Have strong artistic ability.
  • Use word processing, presentation and email software.
  • Have comprehensive skills in graphic arts software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Quark Express.
  • Be able to work on your own.

Language Skills

You need to communicate in person, on the phone and in writing with graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, writers, marketing strategists, printers, programmers, and clients.

Labour Market Information


Creative talent is very important but graphic arts technicians also need advanced computer skills. Advances in computer graphics technology, the introduction of laser technology and digital photography means that many graphic arts technicians need to work on computers. You are more likely to succeed if you have strong skills in the areas of video-editing, digital sound mixing, and special optical effects. Web design is a newer field that employs many graphic arts technicians.


The work prospects for this job are: FAIR

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobWork Prospects
Architectural Technologist and TechnicianFair
CAD TechnicianFair
Construction ManagerFair
Construction EstimatorGood
Graphic Arts TechnicianFair


The average hourly wage for this job is: C$18/hour.

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobAverage Wage/Hour
Architectural Technologist and Technician$24.55
CAD Technician$25.00
Construction Manager$33.65
Construction Estimator$29.33
Graphic Arts Technician$18.00


Educational Programs

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Bridging Programs

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Language Training

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Work Experience Programs

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