Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical laboratory technicians collect, process and analyze laboratory (lab) results.

NOC Code: 3212

Job Duties

Medical laboratory technicians collect, process and analyze laboratory (lab) results. You may work for a blood lab or other type of lab, hospital, clinic, research institute, or pharmaceutical company. You may also be called a medical laboratory aide, medical laboratory assistant, phlebotomist or phlebotomy aide.

Generally, medical laboratory assistants:

  • Collect blood or tissue samples from patients.
  • Label and prepare samples for testing.
  • Run routine tests and analyze samples.
  • Record test data and results.
  • Set up, use and maintain medical lab equipment.
  • Report results to a supervisor or pathologist.

Source: HRSDC

Job Requirements


This job requires: College or University

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobLevel of Education Required
Health EducatorCollege or University
Medical Laboratory TechnicianCollege or University
Health Policy AnalystCollege or University
Personal Support WorkerHigh School
Public Health InspectorCollege or University


This job requires 0 - 2 years of work experience.

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobYears of Work Experience Required
Health Educator2 - 5
Medical Laboratory Technician0 - 2
Health Policy Analyst2 - 5
Personal Support Worker0 - 2
Public Health Inspector2 - 5

Source: HRSDC

Essential Skills

As a medical laboratory technician, you need to:

  • Speak, write and read English.
  • Greet patients and talk to them about the steps of collecting blood or tissue.
  • Keep up-to-date with industry changes and trends.
  • Enter data on a computer and print reports.
  • Record information accurately.
  • Use e-mail and database software.
  • Have good problem solving skills.
  • Work well with others and on your own.

Source: Ontario Skills Passport

Language Skills

You need to communicate in person and in writing with patients. You need to explain and give instructions about blood and tissue test procedures. You also need to take notes, collect data and review patient forms to make sure data is correct and complete. You need to discuss samples and testing with co-workers and use medical terminology.

Labour Market Information


The employment growth rate is expected to be above average because of ongoing trends: a growing and aging population that requires more health services, new diagnosing/treating technologies, and increased government funding for health care. However, the increased use of automated diagnostic/treatment procedures may decrease employment opportunities.


The work prospects for this job are: FAIR

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobWork Prospects
Health EducatorGood
Medical Laboratory TechnicianFair
Health Policy AnalystFair
Personal Support WorkerGood
Public Health InspectorGood


The average hourly wage for this job is: C$22/hour.

Comparison with other jobs in this profession
JobAverage Wage/Hour
Health Educator$21.75
Medical Laboratory Technician$22.00
Health Policy Analyst$33.00
Personal Support Worker$14.85
Public Health Inspector$33.65

Source: HRSDC


Educational Programs

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Language Training

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Work Experience Programs

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