New By-Law Could Mean More Affordable Housing Available

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A new legislation came into effect today that will allow municipalities to designate affordable units in new residential developments.

The province has worked with housing advocates, municipalities and developers to design the new inclusion zoning planning tool. With the new regulations, municipalities will be able to authorize the inclusion of affordable units for low-and middle-income families in housing developments to create mixed-income communities.

Municipalities will have the flexibility to:

  • Decide the total number of affordable housing units to be included in some residential developments.
  • Determine how long units stay affordable.
  • See what measures and incentives can be used to offset the costs of affordable unit inclusion.
  • Decide if, and how many, affordable housing units can be built on another site.
  • Expand housing options and increase the supply of affordable housing in their communities.

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