What outdoor activities are available?

In Ontario, you can do many different outdoor sports and activities all year long.

Some popular outdoor activities are soccer, tennis, cricket, bocce, hiking and tai chi.

Many communities have recreation centres with ice rinks, tennis courts or swimming pools. Many of these are low-cost or free to use. Find out what is available to you in your community by contacting your municipal government.

Parks are good places to walk your dog, go for a run or read a book. Many parks have a playground area for children. Check at Ontario's provincial parks, or national parks for information about hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and canoeing.

Discover some of the best provincial parks and outdoor activities for free and get discounts to sporting events with the Canoo App. Eligible newcomers and their family can get a membership with access to free attractions for one year. Find out if qualify to become a member and start enjoying free attractions around Ontario.  

Learn to Camp at Ontario Parks
has information to help you plan your next, or first, camping adventure. Find out what to bring, how to set up a tent and campfire, camping safety and more. You can also sign up for guided overnight or day trips to parks. 

Look for trails for walking, roller-blading and cycling. Trails often run through park areas or along water. See if the Trans Canada Trail goes through your area.

There may be a sports league in your community that organizes games and equipment.

You can ask for more information about outdoor activities at a community agency. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for "parks" or "outdoor activities" in your area.

For More Information

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  • Children's Fitness Amount - Tax Credit - As a parent, you can get a tax credit for your child's participation in a prescribed program of physical activity.
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