What are the different school systems in Ontario?

In Ontario there are 4 publicly-funded school systems, private schools and homeschooling.

Publicly-Funded Schools

Ontario has 4 publicly-funded school systems:

  • English Public
  • English Catholic
  • French-language Public
  • French-language Catholic

Publicly-funded schools are managed by district school boards.

English Public elementary and secondary schools, and English Catholic secondary schools are open to all students.

Catholic elementary schools are open to all students who are baptized as Roman Catholic and to children who have 1 or 2 Roman Catholic parents. Some English Catholic school boards might admit non-Catholic students into a Catholic elementary school. For more information about admission to a Catholic elementary school, contact your local school board.

Generally, French language schools are open to all students seeking a French language education. For information on French language education, contact your local school board.

Private Schools

Private or independent schools also offer elementary and secondary education. These schools do not receive government funding, and usually students must pay to attend them. These schools may focus on religion, culture, language, or specific approaches to teaching.

The Ministry of Education maintains an up-to-date list of private schools in Ontario.


Homeschooling is teaching your child at home. Visit the Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents for more information about home schooling and related resources.

Many community agencies can help you find information about school for your children. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for "settlement services" in your area.

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