What are alternative jobs?

An alternative job is a position in the same or a related field to your original occupation.

Some professions are regulated in Ontario to protect public health and safety. That means that you must have a licence to work in these professions.

It can be very complicated, time-consuming and expensive to get a licence to work in a regulated profession in Ontario.

By working in a non-regulated job in the same or a related field, you can:

  • Use your knowledge and skills
  • Learn terminology
  • Get valuable Canadian work experience
  • Develop professional networks

You may decide to work in an alternative job while you work towards getting licensed or as a new career choice.

The Alternative Jobs section on Settlement.Org has information about nearly 50 alternative jobs for certain regulated professions.

Read and compare key information about each job, including:

  • On-the-job duties
  • The education and experience employers expect
  • Labour market information
  • Skill and language training programs

Watch videos of newcomers talking about their experiences of entering and working in an alternative job.

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