Which trades are regulated in Ontario?

Some trades are regulated in Ontario. To work in these trades, you must have a Certificate of Qualification or be a registered apprentice:

  • Alignment and Brakes Technician
  • Autobody and Collision Damage Repairer, Branch 1
  • Autobody Repairer, Branch 2
  • Automotive Electronic Accessory Technician
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Electrician - Construction and Maintenance
  • Electrician - Domestic and Rural
  • Fuel and Electrical Systems Technician
  • Hairstylist
  • Hoisting Engineer - Mobile Crane Operator, Branch 1
  • Hoisting Engineer - Mobile Crane Operator, Branch 2
  • Hoisting Engineer - Tower Crane Operator
  • Motorcycle Technician
  • Plumber
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Mechanic
  • Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic
  • Residential (Low Rise) Sheet Metal Installer
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Sprinkler and Fire Protection Installer
  • Steamfitter
  • Transmission Technician
  • Truck and Coach Technician
  • Truck-Trailer Service Technician

See a list of trades with voluntary certification.

For More Information

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  • Apprenticeship Incentive Grant - A taxable cash grant available to registered apprentices after you have successfully completed your first or second year (level) of an apprenticeship program in an eligible trade.
  • Build ON - An online pre-arrival program for people who have been approved to immigrate to Canada and plan to work in the skilled trades.
  • Job Bank - Use this to find the name of your occupation in Canada, find out if it is regulated and get labour market information.
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