How do I get a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

To get a Social Insurance Number (SIN), you have to fill out an application. You also need to collect some documents to submit with your application.

Apply in Person

If you meet all the requirements, you can get your number the day you hand in the application. Service Canada no longer provides plastic SIN cards. There is no application fee for your first SIN.

Apply by Mail

You can apply by mail if you live over 100 kilometers from a Service Canada centre. If you are in another situation that makes it difficult to apply in person, you should call 1-800-206-7218 (option 3) to see if you are eligible to apply by mail.

Many settlement agencies can help you apply for a SIN. To find help, go to Services Near Me and search for "settlement services" in your area.

Who can get a Social Insurance Number?

If you are eligible to work in Canada, you can get a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

This includes:

  • Canadian citizens
  • Permanent residents
  • Some temporary residents
  • Some refugee claimants

If you are a refugee claimant or a temporary resident, you will get a SIN with an expiration date. These SINs start with 9.

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