Locally-Grown Food Guides

Cooking with foods from local farmers is a way to get fresh food. Ontario farmers grow some of the foods that you can also find in other countries.

These brochures have information on where to shop for locally-grown foods in Toronto.

Locally-Grown African/Caribbean Food Guide

Farmers in Ontario produce calaloo, chilli peppers, squash, sweet potato and okra.

Download the Locally-Grown African/Caribbean Food Guide [PDF] 

Locally-Grown Chinese Food Guide

Farmers in Ontario produce Chinese foods such as bok choy, choy sum, yu choy, amaranth, winter melon and napa cabbage.

Download the Locally-Grown Chinese Food Guide [PDF]  Available in Chinese (Traditional) only.

Locally-Grown Middle Eastern Food Guide

Farmers in Ontario produce Middle Eastern foods such as marrow vegetables (grey zucchini), molokhia, mini cucumbers, turnips, red radishes and vine leaves.

Download the Locally-Grown Middle Eastern Food Guide [PDF] 

Locally-Grown South Asian Food Guide

Farmers in Ontario produce South Asian foods such as eggplant, okra, coriander, green chilli and sweet potatoes.

Download the Locally-Grown South Asian Food Guide [PDF] 

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