Can your landlord take your stuff?

This booklet explains what landlords can do with your personal property that you leave behind when you move or are evicted.

It covers the following topics:

  • When is it against the law for your landlord to take your things? 
  • When is it legal for them to take your things? 
  • Can he take your things if you move because of a notice or agreement? 
  • What happens if you’re evicted by the Landlord and Tenant Board? 
  • What if you move without giving or receiving a notice or making an agreement? 
  • What happens if a tenant dies? 
  • What if you live in a mobile home or land lease home? 
  • What happens if you can’t get all your things in time

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Produced by CLEO (Community Legal Education Ontario).

For More Information

  • Solve a Disagreement with your Landlord or Tenant - this page has contact information for both parties to help resolve disputes. From the Government of Ontario website.
  • Rental Housing Enforcement Unit - Responds to complaints from tenants or landlords and works to get compliance with both parties, and completes investigations of alleged offenders which may lead to prosecutions in the Ontario Court of Justice.

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