How do I submit an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board?

There are a few ways to submit an application to the Landlord and Tenant Board. There are also certain steps you must follow after you submit the application.

If you believe that your rights as a tenant or a landlord were violated, you can file an application with the Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB). This body can resolve problems between most residential landlords and tenants.

Submit an Application

First you must decide which application is best for your specific problem. See:

If you need help filling out the application, contact a legal clinic or housing help centre for more information. To find help in your area, go to Services Near Me.

If there is an application fee, you must pay it when you submit the application.

Submit your application:

Serve the Documents

The LTB will send you a package that includes copies of your application and a Notice of Hearing.

In most cases, you must serve (officially give) a copy of the application and a copy of the Notice of Hearing to your landlord (or tenant), and any other parties who you have included in your application. Keep copies for yourself.

It is very important that you serve these documents by the deadline and in the proper way.

You must submit a Certificate of Service to the LTB within 5 days of serving the documents to confirm that you did this.

The Hearing

At the hearing, a member of the LTB will consider your case and make a decision about what, if any, action should be taken.

Read more information about LTB hearings and how to prepare for them.

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